The following films have been directed by Eladio Arvelo.

Vietnam: Fast Forward

Currently in post-production. A full feature documentary on the topic of entrepreneurship in the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia.

Duration: TBD.
World Premiere: Late 2019.
Funding Campaign: Seed & Spark.

Jewel of the Pacific

What happens when a sleepy beach town starts transforming? A short documentary on gentrification in the heart of San Diego, California: Pacific Beach.

Duration: 37 min, 50 sec.
World Premiere: October 2018.
News Coverage: Marina del Rey Film Festival.

Voyage to the Sea of Cortez

Official Selection of the 2016 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition. A short scuba diving film showcasing the underwater world in the Sea of Cortez (Mexico). 

Duration: 4 min, 49 sec.
World Premiere: October 2016.
News Coverage: Times of San Diego.

Good Morning, San Diego!

My personal tribute to the beautiful city of San Diego, California (USA). A short film showcasing aerial scenes captured around sunrise over a period of four months.

Duration: 4 min, 39 sec.
World Premiere: November 2014.
News Coverage: Times of San Diego.